Getting The Band Back Together

Getting The Band Back Together

It’s not often you have the ability to get the ‘band’ back together. Most times members go in their separate directions and stay the course. Fortunately for me, its happening.

It’s with great excitement and enthusiasm I’ve been given the chance to once again team up with Adam Wexler on his most recent endeavor, SidePrize. I’m grateful for he and his co-founder, Tareq Dowla, and the trust and belief in me to help grow SidePrize. They’ve been on a mission to take the fantasy sports (and skill-based gaming) world by storm and have built an incredible product to do so. 

I can tell you first hand that the vision Adam, Tareq and the rest of the team have set for SidePrize is big. The opportunity is ripe and I can’t wait to be apart of it. 

If you’re a fantasy sports commissioner or play fantasy sports, I’d love to hear from you (or you may be hearing from me soon 😉 ). We’re looking to make a big splash for the upcoming football season and need all the feedback we can get. Please feel free to comment back to me here or shoot me an email — 

Here’s to the next journey.  

The Next Episode

The Next Episode

Its been four years. Four years that sometimes feels like fifteen. But you know what, they’ve been four of the most incredible years I could have asked for. Around this time in 2012 I had decided to part ways with the one time dream of becoming a collegiate basketball coach and went on looking for what was next. 

All the while during my journey in college sports I fell in love with technology and social media. I began a search for a career in social media, primarily at large enterprises. Long story short, after a conversation with an old friend and founder of Insightpool, Adam Wexler, I was convinced to go the start up route helping build the next great social media technology. At that time, quite honestly, I thought Insightpool would be an incredible short term option and vault me into the next role. Boy was I wrong… 

As the typical start up story goes, low salaries, crashing on couches, 4 people to a desk, etc… we lived through it all. Funny thing was, during this time the only focus was growth. There were no egos, no questions about money, no idea what was coming next…. just simply a deep determination to create a game changing technology. 

Fast forward four years and that mission continues. The Insightpool technology is game changing and getting better every day. We’ve worked with some of the most innovative and incredible brands, partners, and agencies the world has to offer. The team that has been assembled is nothing short of amazing. This group is made up of the best and brightest minds in technology from the highest levels on down. Our success can only be credited to each and every employee, customer and partner. 

So where am I going with this? Well its bittersweet and hard to fully realize but the time has come for a change. Over the last couple months I have quickly realized that the team that has been assembled is perfect to get Insightpool to the next level, and with the support and backing of our entire executive team now is the best time for me to figure out what is next for me. 

I first need to thank Adam Wexler, Devon Wijesinghe, Matt Smith, Adam Blaschke and Raj Gulati for taking a chance on a kid who had no previous sales or technology experience and allowing him to be a part of the core team. They were patient during my early days and I’m glad to say I've developed five life long friendships. 

Secondly, I must say thank you to each and every person who ever worked at Insightpool. There are too many to name individually, but each one of you took a chance and made a sacrifice. Working in the start up world is not glamorous and sure has hell not easy. I hope your experience at IP was nothing short of amazing and prepared you well for current and future endeavors.

Lastly, our Investors, Customers, and Partners — Thank you. Any success we’ve seen today wouldn’t have been possible with out you taking a chance on us. 

I’m confident the future is EXTREMELY bright for Insightpool and have utmost confidence in the team that’s currently in place.  Even though I’ll no longer be operating day to day at Insightpool, I will certainly be involved in some capacity. They’ve been my family for the last four years and couldn’t fathom where I’d be with out them.

As for what’s next, I’ll be sure to make an announcement in the coming weeks. But for now I’ll close with some wise words from Dr. Dre, “Take a Seat, Hope you're ready for the Next Episode…" 

Seat Mate

Seat Mate

Have you been on a plane, train or bus recently and had a conversation with the guy or gal sitting next to you? If so, why? If not, why not? 

In many situations I think you’d be pleasantly surprised with what you may find out.

Your seat mate is full of interesting stories and surprises.

Your seat mate can potentially teach you a thing or two, about a thing or two. 

Your seat mate may just be your next friend, mentor or employer.

Take a chance next time and talk to your seat mate. You may just find you were glad you did.   

"You’re more powerful than you think you are. Act Accordingly."

“You’re more powerful than you think you are. Act Accordingly”. This was a quote provided by Seth Godin on Tim Ferris’ recent podcast. Quite impactful. 

Just a couple days later, Insightpool's CEO, Devon Wijesinghe, referenced a famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” Also, quite impactful.

Here’s the thing about both phrases, they are different ways of saying that we have the power to control our own successes or failures -- we may not always be able to control what happens to us, but certainly have the ability to control how we react to what happens. 

As it seems, some of the most successful individuals knew this and acted upon on it. So when push comes to shove think before you act as that action may have a ripple effect. 

Sometimes You Get a Good Shot.

Might be a good shot of tequila. 

Or a chance to do something great. 

Or a rare business or personal opportunity. 

The most important thing we can ensure is that we have prepared ourselves when that shot comes. Take it. Make it happen. Make it successful.